How do you do? My name is Katelyn Krulek and I hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The short story is I’m passionate about helping people and creating. That means anything from getting involved in nonprofit organizations I care about, writing detailed thoughts down on a piece of paper, or roaming about the world with my camera (and not knowing what the hell I’m doing with it), brings me great joy and makes me feel like I’m pursuing the right path.

As a product of these passions, I decided to create my own platform for expressing my thoughts and ideas on how to navigate life. I can’t tell you how many times I think back on moments in life that I utterly regret, wishing I could somehow go back and whisper a few words of wisdom to my younger self. Sure, life is a journey and you never really learn until you experience something for yourself. But why not share our stories to maybe make the most of creating our own? Think of it as going to a friend for advice when you’re feeling stuck or confused. In that same way, I offer an account of my own experiences as a means of connecting with readers like you and, hopefully, make you feel like you’re not alone.


Real stories and shared wisdom about travel, college, motivation, life balance, relationships – whatever I can offer.

All photographs are taken by me unless stated otherwise.


Want to share your story (I’m a great listener!) or simply connect with me? Feel free to email me at katelyn.n.krulek@wmich.edu

noun, Slang.
1. courage; nerve; guts.
2. vigor; verve; pep.
3. energy; assertive force; pizzazz.

As you navigate life, you wonder many things, you ask many questions, and you are challenged constantly. The best part about it is that we are not alone. When we share our stories, we become empowered and inspired. I’m here to share the stories of my ever-evolving self, where I am faced with life’s adversities, complexities, and experiences. I fight every day to challenge myself to have courage and to strive towards my wildest dreams and aspirations. It’s not easy, as nothing usually is, but I share with you my journey in hopes that you will take a piece of it to improve your life and share your story with myself and others so we can do the same.