“And here you are living despite it all”


One of my favorite quotes from the poet, Rupi Kaur, has followed me through the past couple years.

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It is a reminder that despite all the bullshit in the world, we can maybe take a step back – let our thoughts fly high in the sky and then look down at the world below us, seeing that in the grand scheme of things, we are quite small.

At times, I become so wound up in the problems of the world that I feel hopeless. Sometimes I find myself having little confidence in the greater good, believing that the evils of the world are inevitable and beyond all control. With that being said, I know that this as a “life problem” is a privilege to me. While others experience violence, war, and the brunt of evil, I sit in my room quietly reading about such tragedies, safely tucked away from any imminent danger. I will never know tragedy as these people do and I won’t try to understand their sorrows because I’ve never come close to experiencing such. But at the same time, it’s wrong of me to sit around, ignorantly believing that the world is perfect, or worse, knowing that awful things are happening and feel nothing. I realized the best I can do with what I have is to take the tragedies of the world as a message. To improve myself as a person and to work and hope for a better world.

Sometimes we need adversity to shed light to things that are good. Adversity reveals opportunity – there is no where to go but up. I have faith that the good in the world will overrule fear and hate.