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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always found the most joy in creating and helping others. There is something special to be said about art and communication and how it moves people on a deeper level. No matter the channel or medium of choice, we each express ourselves in a way that is personal to us and, in some form or another, we reach out in search of someone who rides the same wave that we do.

Vital-moxie is my digital space where I attempt to crack open my creative side and connect with others. It’s where I express my journey through life, share my knowledge and wisdom, and apply myself through visual and textual communication.

Topics and areas I love to share: self improvement, photography, travel, health, academics, organization, poetry, music, and more.

Although I humbly call both Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan my home, I’ve developed a sense of curiosity that is never satisfied along with an endless desire to scope the world for all the sweet lessons it has to offer.

I’m always eager to lend a listening ear, explore creative ideas, collaborate on a project, or even just enjoy a cup of coffee with good company. If you’re interested in connection, please email at┬ákatelynkrulek [@] gmail [.] com


Katelyn is an aspiring writer and photographer with a background in social and digital marketing. She will receive her B.B.A. from Western Michigan University in April 2018 with a focus on Advertising and Promotion, International Business, and General Business.